Improved taste and reliable limescale protection for appliances prone to limescale buildup, such as automated coffee machines, food steamers, and other devices that generate steam


In-tank filter

Industrial lasers, air humidifiers, automated coffee machines – all of these devices require water. Unfiltered water, however, is unsuitable for use in technical devices. In order to function at their best, they require water with a specific composition and quality, which can be as different as each of their applications.



Hot beverages


Our unique combination of high-quality ion exchange resins reduces water’s carbonate hardness and, with regular use, will protect your appliance against limescale buildup and the damage it can cause.

The active carbon in our filters reduces chlorine and contaminants that give water an unpleasant odor or taste – so that your coffee can fully develop its exceptional flavor during the brewing process.

Our unique combination of filters reduces contaminants in water, such as heavy metals (e.g. lead), medicine residue, and other organic pollutants.

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