Gastia hospitality trade and experience fair

April 2–4, 2023

Premiere in St. Gallen

The Gastia trade fair represents a great new opportunity for the food and hospitality industries in eastern Switzerland, and we gladly seized the chance to showcase our products. Our MINTEC technology took center stage at the ACLARIS stand with our MINTEC fountain, which attracted the interest of many visitors. Our key focus at the fair was mineralized drinking water delivered directly from your tap. Taste it, smell it, sample it carefully: no matter how you approach it, MINTEC water simply tastes better. We also highlighted the many environmental benefits of our restaurant solutions. The local Gastia fair was a pleasure to attend, especially as it provided an opportunity to showcase our products to a wide audience right at our doorstep. We were a part of Gastia right from the start and appreciate all the positive feedback from our region!