S series

Improved taste and reliable limescale protection for appliances prone to limescale buildup, such as food steamers


S series water filters

Our S series filters contain high-capacity ion exchangers in order to offer maximum limescale protection. They are especially suitable for appliances that produce hot water or steam, such as food steamers, vending machines, and dishwashers.



Hot beverages



Specially selected filter materials hold back dirt and particles, thus providing lasting filter protection even when water quality is poor.

Ion exchangers reduce water hardness and thus prevent limescale deposits. Depending on the type of filter used, partial demineralization (decarbonization) can also be achieved. In addition, ion exchangers reduce toxic heavy metals such as lead.

Thanks to their enormous surface area, our activated carbon components are able to remove undesired substances such as chlorine and organic contaminants and they eliminate unpleasant odors. We select and combine different types of activated carbon to meet each application’s specific requirements.

Active carbon block and microfiltration modules efficiently remove even the smallest particles and impurities. At the same time, they form a second line of defense for holding back organic contaminants.

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